Stonewall with headstones

qcsb072716 This is the Smith Cemetery located in Canterbury way back on the country roads. I would never have found this unless I loved driving back roads. I will be post this shot to Theresa’s “Good Fences” meme.

Also linked to Weekend in Black & White



23 thoughts on “Stonewall with headstones

  1. When you drive the back roads, you can always find treasures. What a beautiful old cemetery, and black and white is the perfect medium. genie


  2. it’s a mysterious image…that leaves you feeling kind of eery!!

    as for my fence…i did a bit of research so i could share some info with you and came up high and dry. nothing, nada, zip!!! the only help i can provide…we had eaten at abbott’s, lobster in the rough in nanoak. we were headed back to the mystic area, hugging the shoreline, touring the area. i think we had passed fords (another eatery) and then i saw the fence. good luck finding it, if you do, be sure to look across the street, there is something fun/cool there as well!!!! don’t take better pictures than i did 😉


    • Thanks for the info on that fence in Mystic. I am down in that area once or twice a week so I will definitely stop in to check it out. Might be after Labor Day when all the tourists are gone though…😎


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